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Meet the Points Passport Team

Chris and Alex started the Points Passport to make exploring the world with points simple and easy. From airline miles, hotel points, credit card points, and much more, we show you how to use the points you already have or want to earn to travel and make lifetime memories without spending a ton of money. From the adventurous wanderlust traveler to families that want a memorable vacation, our points strategies let you make the most out of your journeys.We’re excited to share a fresh take on the best travel tips and hacks, without pushing you to sign up for new credit cards. Our expertise comes from flying and traveling around the world over the past 17 years.  From local weekend getaways to epic once-in-a lifetime trips, we’re here to make sure you always know how to use an optimal points strategy that fits your lifestyle, budget, and travel profile.  We can plan any trip, with any budget.Want help with anything related to earning or using points? Need a hand in researching and planning your next trip? Send us a note at and make sure you are following our points and miles adventures on Instagram @pointspassport, Facebook, and Twitter too!

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