Dec 16, 2020
Card Benefits

The $10 Amex Gold Card

Updated 2/3/2021 - Applicants after 2/3/2021 will no longer receive the $100 airline incidental fee credit. This article has been updated to reflect our opinion of the current value, for applicants after 2/4/2021.

Key Points

To the Point

American Express has been adapting to the changes in consumer spending throughout 2020 with limited time perks but has decided to make a significant additional statement credit starting in early 2021, by adding a new $120 annual Uber Cash credit. Uber Cash can be used for Uber rides and for Uber Eats. This new credit will create a rare opportunity to earn up to $240 in annual statement credits in 2021

On top of these annual statement credits, the Welcome Bonus has increased from the normal 35,000 Membership Reward points to a limited-time Welcome Bonus of 60,000 Membership Reward points! This Welcome Bonus is worth up to $1,200 based on our valuations of 2 CCP (Cents Per Point). To receive this offer, you simply have to spend $4,000 in eligible purchases in the first 6 months. With the overlap in card credits AND an all-time high Welcome Bonus, you should strongly consider adding the American Express Gold Card to your wallet! Here’s why.

Starting in early 2021, the American Express Gold Card will add an Uber Cash Benefit, worth up to $120 per year!

The American Express Gold Card Credits Now Add Up to $240 in 2021

The American Express Gold Card currently has the following annual statement credits:

2021 American Express Gold Card Statement Credits

  • Up to $120 ($10 per month) dining credit
  • Up to $120 ($10 per month) Uber Cash
  • Total Annual Credits: up to $240 per year
  • Annual Fee: $250
  • = Net Annual Fee: $10

Starting in January 2022, the $100 airline credit will be eliminated, but those that choose to keep the card after that will continue to reap the benefits. Let’s talk about the limited-time Welcome Bonus that’s on top of these annual statement credits.

The 60,000 Membership Rewards Welcome Bonus

Forget the Welcome Bonus of only 35,000 Membership Reward points that the American Express Gold Card had. It’s time to kick off 2021 the right way with a new all-time high Welcome Bonus of 60,000 Membership Reward points! We value these points at 2.0 CPP (Cents Per Point), or $0.02/MR point. That means that we value this limited time offer at a massive $1,200

That’s enough points to redeem for an international business class flight to Europe in lay-flat seats, or to transfer to a hotel partner such as Marriott for a stay at the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay!

You can redeem Membership Reward points for international business class flights!

Remember, American Express has a lifetime limit on their Welcome Bonus. This means that once you sign up for a card, you won’t be eligible for a future Welcome Bonus on the same card, even if you cancel it. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of signing up for American Express cards when they’re offering the highest bonuses like the American Express Gold Card currently is. We encourage you to always check the CardMatch tool which checks for all of the best offers available to you. 


Even after you redeem your points, the American Express Gold Card will continue to pay dividends for years to come with its 4X Membership Reward points earning power at U.S. Supermarkets, 4X Membership Reward points at restaurants worldwide, 3X Membership Reward points on airfare, and 1X Reward points on everything else. 

The American Express Gold Card earns 4X Membership Reward points at U.S. Supermarkets, such as Safeway, Publix, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and many, many more!

Why You Need This Card in 2021: It Adds Up

Now that you know what this Welcome Bonus is worth and that unique opportunity that’s available to you with the change with this card’s annual credits, let’s add it all up.

2021: Statement Credits and Welcome Bonus

  • 60,000 Membership Reward Welcome Offer (+$1,200 in value)
  • $120 Annual Dining Credit
  • $120 Annual Uber Credit
  • $250 Annual Fee
  • = $1,440 Total Net Value

2022 & Beyond: Statement Credits

  • $120 Annual Dining Credit
  • $120 Annual Uber Credit
  • $250 Annual Fee
  • = $10 Net Annual Fee

Let’s face it: having the American Express Gold Card offer new applicants over $1,400+ even after you consider the annual fee is just wild! The next year isn’t quite as crazy, but it’s still a solid improvement over 2020. In 2020, the net annual cost of the Gold Card was only $30. Now you have an opportunity to have an even lower net annual fee of only $10! That’s without factoring in the 60,000 Membership Reward points and all the exciting places they can take you for free.

The American Express Gold Card is a key that can unlock free travel around the world. Even when staying at the W Barcelona and using the American Express Gold Card in Spain, you can earn 4X Membership Reward points on dining!

The Final Point

Now that you know what this Welcome Bonus is worth and that unique opportunity with the statement credits that are currently available, we believe you have all the data needed to determine whether this is the right time for you to add the American Express Gold Card to your wallet. If you want to research this card further, check out our American Express Gold Card Deep Dive Review, which outlines each and every benefit that was beyond the scope of this article.

Our first rule of taking advantage of credit card points is to never carry a balance and never pay interest. In fact, the American Express Gold Card is technically a charge card and not a credit card. There is, however, an option to pay for certain charges over time, and the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Pay Over Time Feature is 15.99% to 22.99%.  

The ability for this card to bring you up to $1,400+ in value in 2021 is beyond excellent! If you’ve been on the fence about the American Express Gold Card, we strongly recommend that you consider it while this rare opportunity is available!If this article was valuable to you, we greatly appreciate you considering using our links when applying for your next credit card. Your support helps our small business keep creating new content and bringing value to people like you!

Thinking about adding a new card to your wallet? Make sure you’re getting the best offer available by using the CardMatch tool! This has no impact on your credit score and checks for all offers that card issuers are currently offering to you.


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